Mission and Patient Promise

The Administration, Surgeons, and staff of Princeton Baptist Medical Center are committed to provide the highest quality bariatric program in the Southeast.

With our interdisciplinary patient-focused approach for the treatment of obesity, we will improve health, reduce life threatening co-morbidities, increase self-esteem and improve quality of life.

It is also our desire to provide unsurpassed care with the highest standards and the best service to people of size and their families.

TO ACCOMPLISH OUR MISSION, Princeton Baptist Health System’s Bariatric Team will:

  • Strive to ensure that each patient is fully informed, fully prepared and their expectations have been met
  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment for each and every patient that is cared for within our facility
  • Be committed to treating all patients with the utmost respect and dignity
  • Offer preoperative and postoperative nutritional and exercise counseling
  • Facilitate support group meetings twice per month
  • Provide a complete and comprehensive educational experience to patients wishing to learn about the surgical treatment of morbid obesity and out program
  • Provide a comprehensive surgical experience for patients who choose to proceed with Roux-en-Y, adjustable gastric banding or sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Develop an after-care program to assist the weight loss surgery patient throughout their journey

WE ALSO EMBRACE Baptist Health System Patient Promise: