A Reminder to Follow Your Dreams

follow your dreamsThink of your most outrageous dream – the one that takes you to a new place, creates a new life or provides complete peace-of-mind. For so many struggling with weight loss, it’s the dream of a new you. The thing about an outrageous dream – it seems impossible. But look at Olympians, American Idol winners, Fortune 100 CEOs or renowned artists, they all started with a ridiculous, far-reaching, impossible dream. But a dream they believed in.

Follow Your Dreams
–by P.F.Heller

Never give up your dreams. Imagine what you want for tomorrow. Feel it, sense, fill your soul with it. Dare the impossible because deep down inside you know it can be done. Be unafraid, but not foolish.

Have courage and balance it with strength.

Be confident in who you are. Don’t be afraid to grow. Above all, know what your inner spirit desires.

Listen to you hopes and dreams…to the unseen element inside, to the sounds that are beyond hearing, to the one part of you that knows no boundaries and that walks hand in hand with you through your life.

Never give up your dreams, for they were meant to come true.

This verse by Heller reminds me that I can do all things…I was given a strong mind, and a desire to make things happen. Sometimes I am weak, and sometimes, I lose the longing to achieve. But the dream lives. And it’s up to me to let go and let it happen. Getting wrapped up in what you cannot do leaves you blind and deaf to the things that you can do.

What is your dream? Imagine it. Lock in on it. Make it happen.