Bariatric Surgery May Reverse Premature Aging

According to a recent study, weight loss from bariatric surgery appears to reverse obesity-related premature aging. Two years after surgery, patients in the study showed fewer signs, which included less inflammation.

The European Society of Cardiology reports:

Dr Hohensinner said: “We think the cells appear to be getting younger, with longer telomeres, because there is less breakage from telomere oxidation. Obesity, and specifically having a lot of fat tissue, seems to put the entire body under increased stress. By losing weight and therefore adipose tissue, that stress reduces, and the body becomes younger.”

He concluded: “This is positive news for patients who have bariatric surgery because it shows that the damage from obesity can be reversed. Surgery is the last resort for these patients and it is good to see that not only do they lose weight, but they also reduce the stress on their body and reduce the premature aging.”

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