Meet Bariatric Center Clinical Ops Coordinator Kat Fields, RN, BSN

OFfice Camera 158Kat decided early in life that she wanted to work as a nurse when she “grew up” and as both of her parents worked in Healthcare professions, it only seemed natural for her to continue the legacy her family had begun.

Kat struggled with her weight most of her adult life and began to slowly realize that her ability to perform her job as a healthcare provider was seriously hampered by her weight and overall ill health.

Here is Kat’s story in her own words:

Kat-beforeI am the only member of my immediate family to have struggled with my weight. I always felt that I was letting my parents down in some way, because although I was active and participated in numerous extracurricular activities during throughout school years, I was constantly trying to lose weight and was just heartbroken that living a “normal” life and being able to wear the latest clothing fashions appeared to be forever out of reach.

I am not alone in that I have literally tried each and every weight loss program known to man and although I was at least somewhat successful on these programs and diets, I ALWAYS gained the weight back plus additional pounds. It was beyond heartbreaking and frustrating!

As I gained more and more weight with each failed weight loss program, shake, powder, pill, supplement, meeting, and membership, I had learned to cope with the physical and emotional painby living in a total state of denial as to how much weight I had really gained and how my very life was in danger. Although I had developed adult-onset diabetes, high blood pressure, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), osteoarthritis, excruciating back pain, asthma, degenerative disc and joint disease, edema in my extremities as well as a cardiac arrhythmia, I would tell myself that I really needed to start a diet again SOON. What a yo-yo of an existence!

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.11.19 AMIn early 2012, I had just turned fifty (50) and as a last ditch effort to save my own life, I spoke with a lady I had met through work, whom I understood had Bariatric surgery ten years earlier and had lost a huge amount of weight, and more importantly to me, kept it all off! I began to share with her my struggles and desperation at being unable to gain control of my weight and she looked at me and said, “You’re ready to do something about this and I am here to help”. She suggested that I attend an informational seminar held at Princeton Baptist Medical Center and that was the first day of the rest of my life. I weighed 362 pounds prior to my bariatric surgery in May of 2012 and I now weigh 142 pounds…you see, that aforementioned “lady” was Sue Bunnell, the Manager for the Princeton Bariatric Center of Excellence here in Birmingham, Alabama and now my new boss!

I am so honored to work with our patients in their weight loss journeys and their stories continue to amaze me. Let us help you realize that peace that comes only through God and His plan for you to live the life you so richly deserve!