Meet Center Manager Sue Bunnell

Sue-Bunnell-2015And hear her amazing personal story

When Sue Bunnell’s oldest son, Steven, was a Cub Scout, Sue wanted to be a part of scouting with him.

But, because she was considerably overweight, she would have to call the Den Leader each time an outing was planned, so she would know whether the scheduled activity was beyond her capacity.

Since scouts were required to have a parent along, Sue’s excess weight meant Steven had to miss out far more often than she would have liked.

But here’s the good news.

After her bariatric surgery, when younger son, Jonathon, came along, Sue didn’t have to call the Den Leader.

She was the Den Leader. Not to mention the Assistant Cub Master for his group.

After losing 145 of her 293 pounds, Sue was ready to live her life in a whole new way, and to be actively engaged with her family’s lives, as well.

Here’s her story, in her own words.

 I had a laundry list of health conditions that I never related to my weight, which was at an all time high of 293#.

I decided to go to my pulmonologist and seek his expert conservative opinion, as I knew he would not be in favor of it.  I can still hear his words echoing in my head.  He said, “Sue, it just might save your life”.

How could my life need saving? I wasn’t even 40 years old.  Since when did my life need saving?

My drug bill, for 13 separate prescription medications was over $300 a month.  I had been diagnoses with severe asthma, sleep apnea, GERD, osteoarthritis, depression, reactive airway disease, enlarged heart, and hypertension.

So, I began praying, and sought out one of my best friends to enter into prayer with me.  I still wasn’t convinced that this was the best option for me.  We prayed that the doors would open if I should move forward, and that they would close if I should not.  Well, the doors flew open.  I went from seminar to surgery in under 12 weeks.  That was unheard of at that time period.

IF I HAD NOT LOST 145# WITH THE AID OF SURGERY, I would have never know such joy.  I would have never been able to share that experience with Jonathan.  I wouldn’t be where I am today, doing what I love to do.

If you’re overweight, I know where you are, and I know what you are facing.  I have known fear, but better still, I have found freedom.

We have created the Comprehensive Bariatric Center to provide the highest level of care for the pre-operative as well as the post-operative patient.  The learning never ceases as the journey is never over.

Let me–and our caring doctors and nurses–share this journey with you.

God Bless…

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