Six Tips for Snacking from UNJUry

When you think of snacking, you may be thinking of junk food like cookies and chips. Snacking is often done mindlessly – in front of the TV, at our desk, even in the car.

We may snack because we are bored, stressed, or in response to a craving. This can lead to excess calories and weight gain.

However, if snacking is done with intention, it can offer health benefits and assist with weight management. Make room for snacks by setting parameters and reducing the size of your meals. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has recommended the following standards for healthy snacks:

  • 200 calories or less per portion
  • No more than 35% calories from fat
  • No more than 35% of calories from total sugars

If you look at the nutrition label of many snack foods, most do not meet this criteria. The key is to find snacks that are nutritious and satisfying to curb hunger.

Here are 6 easy tips to get the most out of your snacks:

  1. Fill up on protein, which aids with satiety, to prevent overeating and keep blood sugar stable. UNJURY® uses the highest quality and best tasting whey protein isolate. Each serving has only 90-100 calories, so it can be added to other foods while still keeping overall calories low.
  2. Add some fiber, which delays digestion and also encourages satiety and blood sugar stability. Embrace crunchy fruits and vegetables with the skin. Try blending frozen fruit into your UNJURY shake to benefit from both protein and fiber.
  3. Choose foods that are portable for convenience and offer portion control. For example, individual Greek yogurt containers, string cheese, hard-boiled eggs, and individual packets of UNJURY are smartly sized but power-packed snacks.
  4. Plan to eat snacks shortly prior to the time of day that you get the most hungry, or if there is a long gap between your meals. Avoid going more than 4 hours without eating to keep hunger and blood sugar levels stable.
  5. Practice mindful eating. Avoid distractions like computers, television, smartphones, driving, etc. Sit down while you eat and take the time to savor your snack.
  6. Enjoy your snack with water. Many of us forget to drink water throughout the day, but adding it to your snack can be a helpful reminder to increase your overall intake. Drinking water can also reduce how much we eat. Most importantly, staying hydrated keeps our metabolism active and encourages weight management.

Crunched for time? Rest assured that you can always be prepared with UNJURY. Keep a few individual packets in your bag and in your desk at work in case hunger strikes.