Weight-Loss Surgery Support Group

The meetings are held in the Comprehensive Bariatric Center which is located in POB 2, Suite 120. These meetings are open to pre-ops, post-ops, or anyone thinking of having a bariatric procedure. We have support group twice each month: Second Tuesday 5-6 pm and fourth Saturday 11am-12:30 pm; except for December.

We would love for you to come join our group. EVERYONE is welcome!


January 9 (Tuesday) at 5pm

January 27 (Saturday) at 11am

February 13 (Tuesday) at 5pm

February 24 (Saturday) at 11am

March 13 (Tuesday) at 5pm

March 24 (Saturday) at 11am

April 10 (Tuesday) at 5pm

April  28 (Saturday) at 11am

May 8  (Tuesday) at 5pm

May 26 (Saturday) at 11am

June 12 (Tuesday) at 5pm

June 23 (Saturday) at 11am

July 10 (Tuesday) at 5pm

July 28 (Saturday) at 11am

August 14 (Tuesday) at 5pm

August 25 (Saturday) at 11am

September 11 (Tuesday) at 5pm

September 22 (Saturday) at 11am

October 9 (Tuesday) at 5pm

October 27 (Saturday) at 11am

November 13 (Tuesday) at 5pm

November 24 (Saturday) at 11am

December 7 (FRIDAY) at 6:00 PM


If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.